Youth Success

JumpStart participant had some experience, but wanted assistance pursuing a career as a train conductor. After researching the conductor programs, he was concerned about his ability to be successful in this type of position due to his learning disability and decided that he wanted to study automotive technology instead. He received assistance with graduating high school and applied to Oakton Community College. While working at Little Caesars Pizza, he was scouted by Jiffy Lube employees who were getting lunch. Because of his friendly outgoing character, they asked him if he was interested in a job at Jiffy Lube. Given that he had an interest in automotive, he quickly said yes! 

He attended Oakton and quickly realized that e-learning was not for him and ultimately failed his class. He was also let go from Jiffy Lube for a short time due to cutbacks from the pandemic, but he stayed positive and was rehired a few months later. He also resumed his studies at Oakton and is retaking the automotive class since it is now available in person. He has persevered and grown a lot in the past year and is more focused and determined to create a plan for his future. He has now been working at Jiffy Lube for a year and a half and is on a successful path to taking more classes to pursue a certificate in Automotive Technology.


Student came to Maine Township District 207’s JumpStart Youth Employment Program as a 17 year old high school senior, new to the school district. She had never had formal work experience, but needed to find a job soon.
Long term, she expressed interest in becoming an EMT paramedic, but knew it would be difficult to start there with no work experience. A couple of weeks later, she turned 18 years old, she was able to begin a JumpStart Paid Work Experience at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital’s Transportation Department. In this department, she would learn how to transport patients to and from their rooms, appointments, and to the discharge lobby.  She also learned how to check specimens in and out of the G.I. lab.
At the end of her Paid Work Experience, she was offered a permanent unsubsidized position with the
Transportation Department at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital. She has maintained employment and plans to remain there post graduation. She plans to attend Oakton Community College’s Fire Science Program taking classes
towards a Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic Certificate. With the help of JumpStart, she is on a successful path towards becoming an EMT! 

A 19 year old mother of two was provided with assistance in researching a medical assistant programs where she could attend school, participate in an internship and have flexibility to care for her children. She found a good program, but soon realized that financial aid was not accepted at the school and the cost of the program was much more than expected. JumpStart was able to provide financial academic support,  which allowed her to enroll in the medical assistant program.

While receiving guidance in balancing school life and caring for her two children, she was soon able to start an internship at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital. She completed the academic program shortly after and was recently hired at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital working as a Medical Assistant in their neurology unit.

In the fall of 2020, a JumpStart student was ready to start her senior year of high school and her first job. She was very interested in working with children. Her official first Paid Work Experience was at a local daycare. This experience had to end early due to some unforeseen circumstances. During her winter break, she participated in Road Trip Nation. Here she learned a lot about her interests and different careers.

In the new year of 2021, she had overcome many barriers and was ready to start another PWE at Expanded Learning as a teacher's assistant. She loved this experience so much that she applied to a permanent position with this organization. She worked with her Career Advisor on updating her resume and gaining interview skills. Shortly after applying, she was hired at Expanded Learning as a summer camp counselor. She also graduated high school during this time. Now she is attending Carthage College in Kenosha and has plans to secure employment on campus.

A District 207 student was referred to JumpStart to help him develop his work readiness skills and secure his first job. JumpStart provided this student with a Paid Work Experience in Building Services at Maine East High School. During this time, the student developed leadership skills and gained valuable work experience. JumpStart assisted the student with support services during his PWE, including a work uniform and supplies, and a background check required for employment in the school district. The skills he gained at this PWE eventually helped him secure an unsubsidized, full-time position as an Environmental Services Technician at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital. He is enjoying his new responsibilities at work and we wish him continued success!

Advocate Lutheran General Hospital


  • Advocate has sponsored almost 200 JumpStart Paid Work Experiences since 2010 

  • More than half of these JumpStart youth have been hired into permanent Advocate positions